Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thursday with Kaitlan

So last Thursday I went out with my sorority sister, Kaitlan, to help her take some photos for advertisements she had to make for her journalism class. It was really my first time trying my hand at portrait photography, so I hope you all enjoy it. 

None of these pictures have really been toned because my life's been a mess this week, but she was just too darn cute not to put the pictures up. (Even though she told me not to.) 

(FYI her advertisement was about the bag.)

First we tried some pictures in the alley, before the beautiful sunshine came out.

Then the sun came out, so we obviously had to try these again...


And of course we had to try the obvious jumping shot, just for advertisement's sake...


Hailing an imaginary cab in Columbia, Mo.

Then we took a trip away from The District to Stephens Lake Park.

Gotta try the jumping thing again.

It was refreshing to have a silly afternoon and take some fun pictures with a friend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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